Visitor Management System

Snehapadma Visitor Management System is a combination of Visitor Information System and Visitor Enrollment  System, which keeps track of visitor’s information, belongings,
time events he/she enters into campus till  he/she exits. This system also alerts the security, if a visitor enters into prohibited area or spends more than allotted time into given area. Snehapadma VMS takes care of all security needs in terms of visitor management. Follow the feature list to know more about Snehapadma VMS.


    * Records Visitor data such as photograph, name, organization, time, person to meet, prior appointment , reason.
    * Adds card with temporary credentials with access to specific area / elevator with or without escort. For Escort it allows entry only when escort card is also swiped in.
    * In case if an inviter is not going to escort
    * visitor, this system gets information about visitor from inviter and area that should be accessible to visitor
    * User-friendly so that security person can use it.
    * Advanced filter options to search visitor on basis of time, name and organization.
    * Can be integrated with biometrics for not to allow black listed visitors to enter into the campus.
    * Sorts visitors’ data for Inside campus, Outside campus and visitors yet to come.
    * Keeps track of visitor’s belongings.
    * Automatically generates visitor pass.
    * Popup messages at Security’s PC if any visitor spends extra time than given time.
    * Displays Visitor’s transaction summary at security.
    * Generates visits and visitors reports on basis of date, time and employee.
    * Every privileged user can set prior appoint for his/her visitor.


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