Snehapadma CentralStation™Server

CentralStation Server manages credentials, schedules, area controls, and monitoring access by directly interacting wit the controllers and storing them in database.

  Steps For Initial  Provisioning :
  1. Click on 'Connect to All Controllers' button then in communication log user will get message that controller is connected & it will turn into green color.
  2. Select the controller for initial provisioning by ticking inside the select box of the controller.
  3. Make sure that you TICK OFF the "Get the logs" check box (In Blue Circle).
  4. TICK ON "Do Initial Provisioning" check box (In Red Circle)
  5. In case you are doing the Initial Provisioning for first time, or in case you want to clear old credentials, TICK ON "Clear old credentials" check box
  6. Click on 'Update Selected Controller' button
  7. This should give messages similar to shown in the image below. Make sure that you get Success for everything.
    1. It is possible that you get Error during WriteEEPROM for Door message once. During second attempt it should be success.
  8. Wait for 60 seconds so that the controller reboots. In case of ER40, switch off and switch on the controller.
  9. Now TICK ON  "Get the logs" check box (In Blue Circle).
  10. With this, controller will now get newly defined access rules and in next 30 seconds, all the credentials will start getting updated to the controller.

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