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 Unassigned Report

        This report allows you to view unassigned credential details.

      Credential Details

       This part of the windows displays following details;
  • Card No.: This is the 26bit card number, which is unique identification of the selected card.
  • Card Set: This is the card format such as; 26Bit, HID 37Bit, Corporate 1000, OEM Format.
  • Credential Id: This is unique identifying number for any type of credential.
  • Credential Type: Credential has various of types such as; Card Only, Pin Only, Card or Pin, Card and Pin, Biometric.
  • Pin: This is the number of another type of credential.
  • Escort Id: This is used in case of credential for visitor. In such a case Escort Id is the Credential Id of the employee, who is escorting the visitor.
  • Disable: This is checked when the credential and employee is deleted from the database.
  • Extended Access:
  • Passback Exempt:
  • Pin Commands:
  • Pin Exempt:

       Credential List

  • This table displays the same credential details in table format.
  • Select required Credential Id to display the required information. (Refer above diagram, here credential id 421751 is selected.)
  • User can export assigned credential reports to excel sheet for that click on Export to Excel button.
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