Snehapadma CentralStation™ System Overview


This work-flow explains you about the behavior of the system and makes easy to understand from end user's perspective. System needs to be installed first. Software, Hardware, Database installation are the primary requisites to run the application. Snehapadma CentralStation™ Configurator, helps user to configure controller, input monitors, output controllers, doors, readers, area, schedules, access groups etc. Then add employees from Snehapadma TimeOffice™. Then again from CentralStation™ Configurator, add credentials and assign those credentials and access groups to respective employees. From Snehapadma CentralStation™ Server, update the data from and to controllers. Then marked credential allows you to view report using TimeOffice™ software.

Following helps you to understand the detailed implementation of the system.

Software Installation

This is the first and foremost important part. You need to install Snehapadma softwares such as;  CentralStation™ Configurator, CentralStation™ Server, TimeOffice™. Follow the link to understand about how to install Snehapadma Softwares. Click here.

Hardware Installation

Install hardware devices such as, HID Contriller, Readres. Please click here to know in detail.

Communication of H/W Devices to S/W Application

Once installation is done, it is very important to let those softwares and hardwares to each other to get the results.
For more details; Click here

Quick Configuration

  • Go to Snehapadma CentralStation™ Configurator to configure Controllers, Doors & Readers, Areas, chedules and Access Group and to assign credentials to Employees . CentralStation Configurator System helps to let the software know positioning of controllers, readers, input monitors, output controllers, their interrelation, various areas, relations between doors, locks, readers and areas.
  • Follow procedure regular Configuration or Quick configuration.
  • Save the configuration.

Send and Retrieve Information

  • Go to Snehapadma CentralStation™ Server.
    • CentralStation Server manages credentials, schedules, area controls, and monitoring access, inputs and outputs by directly interacting with the controllers and storing them in database.
    • It allows user to send all configuration and information to controllers and to retrieve the stored data from controllers.
  • Follow procedure of sending the information to controllers and getting alarms and messages of added credentials..

Add Employees from TimeOffice

Go to Snehapadma TimeOffice to add employee data.

Assign Credential

Using CentralStation™ Configurator, assign credentials to employees. Here you have to assign access groups also to employees as per authority area.

Generate Reports

Once credentials and access groups are assigned to employees the system is ready for application. Then employee are allowed to mark their attendance to readers using credentials.   To view the reports, go to TimeOffice™and generate those.

This is how Snehapadma CentralStation™ is implemented.