This form is used to configure holiday and workday schedules. User can here create schedule list and accordingly can assign holiday and workday schedules to it.

Configurations >> Detail Configuration >> Schedule


Schedule List

This helps you to add schedules for which you want to assign holiday and workday schedule.
  1. Click on New button.
  2. Enter schedule id & name.
  3. Click on add button to add as many schedules.
  4. If you want to delete the schedule, select the required schedule and click on delete button.
  5. Once schedules are added, select a schedule from the list for which you want to add holiday and workday schedule.
  6. Follow the procedure given below to add holiday and work day schedule.

Holiday Schedule

This form allows user to configure details about holiday schedule. On holidays, if any employee needs to be on work, then this schedule has to be created.
  1. Select the schedule from the list above, for which you want to assign holiday schedule.
  2. Click on New button to create holiday schedule.
  3. Select Holiday Group Id from drop down list. (Note: This Holiday Group Id is created in Holiday form of Detail Configuration.)
  4. Enter From time and To time details.
    • This is the time period on holidays for which employee wants to enter into particular area.
    • If this time is kept 00:00, that full day is considered as Off day. In such a case that employee will not be able to access that area.
  5. Enter Holiday Schedule Id.
  6. You can view the Schedule Id for selected schedule.
  7. Click on Add button to save Holiday schedule.
  8. Repeat the procedure to add another holiday schedule in the list.
  9. To edit, select the schedule from the list, click on Edit button then make the changes and then click on save button.
  10. Click on refresh button to reload the entries.
  11. If you want to delete any schedule then select the schedule from the list & click on delete button.
  12. Following list is referred to view the combination of Schedule Id, Holiday Group Id and Holiday Schedule Id, which cannot be repeated.

Workday Schedule

This schedule is configured to set regular work schedule of employees. As per this workday schedule employees are allowed to access the assigned area.  

Let us see how to configure the holiday schedule.
                        1. Add the schedule as explained above.
                        2. Select the Schedule from the schedule list for which you want to create the holiday schedule.
                        3. Click on New button of a Workday Schedule window.
                        4. Set the from and to time for respective days of the week as shown in accompanied image.
                        5. Click on Save button to save entry.
                        6. You can create multiple workday schedules for multiple Schedules from the Schedule list.
                        7. Click on Edit button to make changes in the configured workday schedule, by selecting the respective schedule first from the schedule list.
                        8. Then click on Save button.
                        9. Click on Refresh button to reload the entries.
                        10. If you want to delete any workday schedule then select it & click on delete button.