Door and Reader Configuration

List the Doors

  • Enter the number of doors you want to assign.
  • Select Default Door Type required for those doors by clicking the option from the list.             (Refer the diagram >>)
           CICO: Credential In Credential Out
Credential In Free Out
  • Select Prefill Reader Type. Click on the required option from the list.                                      (Refer accompanied diagram >>)

  • Click on Add button.

  • You may repeat the procedure if you want to add more readers and doors.
    • e.g. Here you have assigned 5 number of doors of CICO door type (as shown in above figure) and you want total number of 8 doors. Then add 3 numbers of doors of required door type, here say CIFO, it shall display total 8 doors in Door Details table, with assigned door type and reader.
    • If you want to delete or edit the number of doors once added, use Door form from Detail Configuration menu.
    • Repeat the procedure if required.
  • Here you can also again edit the selected information of doors through following grid view.

Door Details

It provides the configuration table to assign readers to doors.                                                                                            

  • Once you add the list of doors, it automatically generates this table, which allows you to update related information.
  • Select the Door, for which you want to assign reader. (e.g. Here Door 2 is selected. Refer diagram >>)
  • Door ID can be changed on requirement.
  • Double click on door name (e.g. Door 2) to change the name of door. You can use shortcut key 'F2' to edit.
  • Select Door Type CICO or CIFO by clicking required option from the list.
  • Select Door Reader by clicking on required option from the list. Here you can select readers e.g. R10, S10 or HID ER40. (Note that HID ER40 can be assigned to CIFO door type and to get In from the door.)
  • Click on Next button.
Click on Next button to proceed configuration.

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