Holiday Group

This form allows user to configure and set holidays and holiday group. Using this you can form the groups of holidays. Holidays and holidays group can be added and deleted. In this group the same holiday schedule is configured for multiple holidays. Even for a single holiday, user has to create a holiday group. These holidays groups are further used to form holiday schedule and access groups.

Configurations >> Detail Configuration >> Holiday Group

List of Holidays                                                                                                                                                             

This tabs help user to add and delete holidays for selected holiday group.

Holiday List from Time Office
Here user can import holidays from Time Office application also.

List of Holiday Groups
This list displays the list of added holidays and allow user to delete those too.                                

Let us see the whole procedure;
  • Click on Add button to create holiday group(s). Added groups are displayed in the list along with last updated date.
  • Select a holiday group for which you want to assign holidays.

        There are two options to add holidays in holiday group;
    • Add Holidays manually. (<< Refer diagram)
      • Select holiday date from calendar.
      • Click on button Add Holiday.
    • Import Holidays from Snehapadma TimeOffice.
      • Click on the button of Import Holidays from Time Office (<< Refer diagram) .
      • Once you click on this button, following diagram occurs.
      • Tick in the check boxes of required holidays of list as shown in the below diagram.
      • After selection of holidays click on Add to Holiday group button.
      • Then selected holidays will add under expected holiday group id.
      • If user does not wants any selection of holidays then click on Cancel button.

  • Click on Add Holiday button.
  • Click on Delete Holiday button if you want to delete any holiday.
  • You can here add multiple number of Holiday groups. To add more holiday groups, repeat the procedure.
  • Click on Refresh button to reload entries from database.        


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