This form allows user to add Employees and assign credentials to those employees. Access groups can also be added through this form.

Configurations >> Detail Configuration >> Employee

Employee Details

Using this window you can add employees to your database. This part of window does not allow user to edit the information of employees and to delete the employee from database. You can add/delete/edit employees from Snehapadma TimeOffice™.
  1. Click on New button to add employee.
  2. Enter Employee Id. This should be in numeric only.
  3. Enter the name of Employee.
  4. Select the required department from pop up list.
  5. Enter the Employee Code.
  6. Select the date from calendar when the employee has joined the company or enter it manually.
  7. Select the validity date for that employee. 
  8. Click on the Add button.

Employee List

The added employees will be displayed in the list format as shown in accompanied image. Here you can see all added inputs of employee(s).

Click on button Refresh Employees to reload entries from database.

Access Group

From here user can assign access group(s) to employees. Or user can assign access groups from Configurations >> Access Groups.
  1. Select Employee from the lit for whom you want to assign an Access group(s).
  2. Click on Edit button.
  3. Click in the check box(es) of required Access Groups from the list.
  4. Click on Save button.
  5. Click on Refresh button to reload entries.

Credential Details

This part of the form allows user to assign credential(s) for selected employee. A single employee can have multiple credentials.
  1. Select the employee from the list to whom you want to assign the credential(s).
  2. Click on the New button as shown in accompanied diagram.
  3. Enter required values in other fields (Credential Type, Escort Id, Pin) or click on Set Default Values button.

Get Credential Data

  1. Click on the button Refresh Unassigned Cards, to reload all unassigned cards into database.
  2. Select the credential from the list, which you want to assign to selected employee.
  3. Click on the button '<' to assign the credential. It automatically enters associated values for Credential Id, Card Set, No. of Bits.
  4. Click in the required check boxes if you want to assign Extended Access, Passback Exempt, Pin Commands, Pin Exempt, Disable (mark as deleted).
  5. Click on Add button to ave entry.
  6. Repeat the procedure for new credential or new employee.
It displays the lit of assigned credentials for selected employee as follows;

Control Panel

For all three parts of window as List of Access Groups, Employee and Area Schedule group;
  • Click on Edit button to edit selected entry.
  • Both processes, i.e. adding new entry and editing existing entry can be aborted by clicking on Cancel button.
  • Delete button deletes the selected entry.
  • Click on Refresh button to reload the entries from database onto form.