Area (Door Group)

     Using this form user can add or delete Area i.e. Door Group and can edit area configuration too. This form allows the user to assign doors to particular area.

Click on Configurations >> Detail Configuration >>  Area (Door Group)

Area Details

Basic Details

This widow allows user to enter basic details of area.

  • Antipassback: This system allows to control violation of regulations for particular area. This is the system where employee is prevented from passing back his / her credential/card to another employee to get entry into such access controlled area. When an employee enters into certain area by showing his/her credential, has to go out to enter again in the same area.
  • Antipassback Types: This application supports following types of Antipassback;
    • Off: Select this option when you do not want to apply antipassback.
    • Timed: If this option is selected, an employee cannot enter in the same area for the set time. This is basically a difference time, when user is allowed to enter second time in the same area a delay after a user enters an area.  Refer accompanied image e.g. Here 15 mins are set as Antipassback Time Out; means once employee is entered in assigned area and moved out, he/she cannot get into the same area for next 15 mins of the time of showing the credential for getting out. Employee is allowed to enter the same area after 15 mins.
    • Real: Here antipassback is applied without setting up any time. It will accept the real time.
  • Antipassback Time Out: Here you have to enter the time for Timed Antipassback. e.g. Here time configured is 15 mins.
  • AntipassbackAction Type: System is allowed to take these types of actions, if violation occurs. It includes following types;
    • Only log violation
    • Log violation and deny access
    • Log violation, grant access but deny exit.
  • BehaviourType Id: This Id displays the behaviour type allowed to employee. It include following types;
    • FIFO: Free In Free Out
    • FICO: Free In Credentaol Out
    • CIFO: Credential In Free Out
    • CICO: Credential In Credential Out

Set Default Values

Clicking on this button will automatically set the default values of Antipassback Type, Antipassback Action Type, Behavior type.

Let us see how to add Area;
  1. Click on New button.
  2. Click on button Set Default Values, if you want to default configurations, else enter manually.
  3. Enter Area ID.
  4. Enter the name of the area which you want to add.
  5. Select the option from combo lit for Antipassback Type.
  6. If antipassback type Time is selected, enter the  time into Antipassback Timed Out.
  7. Select the option from pop up list for Antipassback Action type.
  8. Select Behavior Type from the pop up list.
  9. Click on Add button to save added entries.

List of Areas

As shown in diagram, this window displays the list of areas added along with its details as; Area ID, Area Name, Antipassback Type, Antipassback Timed Out, Antipassback Action type, Behavior Type.

Door Interface

This part of the window allows user to assign doors to particular areas.

  1. Select the Area you want to assign doors.
    • In the list of unassociated doors, it shall display all the doors added through Door/Reader form.
  2. Select the door from list of unassociated door, which you want to assign to selected area for getting into it or to get out of it.
  3. Click on the button [>>], the selected door shall go to List of associated doors.
  4. Select the door, which you have assigned for area from associated list.
  5. If you want to assign the added door for getting In to the selected area, click in the check box associated to that door. And if you want to assign the door for getting out of selected area, keep that check box unchecked that means Out.
    • e.g. Refer diagram, here Main door is selected for In and Server Room for Out.
  6. Click on Save button to save entries.
  7. Click on refresh button to reload entries.
  8. You can click Up and Down buttons to configure those doors sequentially.
  9. You can click on button [<<] to send the door back to list of unassociated doors.
  10. Repeat the procedure for next area to assign other doors.
Control Panel

For all three parts of window as List of Access Groups, Employee and Area Schedule group;
  • Click on Edit button to edit selected entry.
  • Both processes, i.e. adding new entry and editing existing entry can be aborted by clicking on Cancel button.
  • Delete button deletes the selected entry.
  • Click on Refresh button to reload the entries from database onto form.

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