Access Group


This window allows user to configure access groups with respect to corresponding area and schedules.

 List Of Access Groups Details

This part of the window allows user to add Access group.The accompanied window shows the access groups created by user while creating areas.

  • Click on New button.
  • Enter Access Group Id & Name.
  • Then click on Add button..
  • If user wants to delete any access group then select respective access group
    then click on Delete button.
  • Both processes, i.e. adding new entry & deleting entry can be aborted by 
    clicking on Cancel button.

User can add more access groups and area and schedule combination's.

Area Schedule Group

This part of the window helps user to assign Area and Schedule for access group.

  1. Select an access group to which you want to assign area and schedule from drop down list from Access Group.
  2. Select option for Area from drop down list, which you want to assign for selected access group.
  3. Select Schedule from drop down list.
  4. Then click on Add button.
  5. If user wants to make the changes then click on Edit button user can change only schedule field, make the changes.
  6. Click on Save button to save the entry.
  7. If user wants to delete any area schedule group then select respective area schedule from list,
    then click on Delete button.

     Access Group Details


This part of the form is used to select employee to whom you want to assign  access group.

Employee Filtering

For proper visualization and management of data, the filtering is important aspect. Here we provide interface so that employee can be filtered on the lines of division, establishment (branches/locations), departments, designation, employee type and individual employee.

     To sort employees using filter;

   1. Select Access Group which you want to assign to employees.

   2. Click on the New button below the filter to add employees into the filter.

   3. Click on the filter type to select it fields, by which you want to filter                 employees, it shall display the list of required field types.

    Here for instance (Refer the accompanied diagram>> ), Employee filter             type  is selected, in the first filter box. In the second box it is displaying the      list of employees.

   4. Select required fields by clicking in the check box. (Here select name of           the employees) or click in the check box of Select All to select all.

   5. Repeat the procedure for another filter types such as; Division,                         Establishment, Designation, Employee Type as per requirement.

   6. To select all employees, click in the check box of Employee and then            click in Select all check boxes.

   7. Click on button Show Filter Information.

   Filter Information

It displays filter information as which filter types are used to filter employees, as shown in the

    below diagram >>

   Select Employee

Filtered employees are displayed in this part. It displays the employee name and associated employee Id. You can here again filter employees manually.

1. Click in the check boxes associated with employee name, who you want to assign access group.

2. If you want to select all filtered employees, click on Select all check box provided.

3. Click on Save button.

4. Move to Area Schedule Group configuration or click on save button above the list of access groups to save configuration.

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