Snehapadma CentralStation™ Configurator

This application allows the user to configure Controllers, doors, readers, credentials to perform communication between controller and reader. It helps user to set access groups, areas, holiday groups, schedules. CentralStation Configurator helps to let the software know positioning of controllers, reader interface, various areas, relations between doors, locks etc.


  • Configures controllers, readers, doors, access groups, areas, holiday groups and schedules
  • Quick Configuration
  • Generates various types of reports

Operating Procedure

To learn more about how to configure devices for the communication with Snehapadma CentralStation™ software, follow the procedure below. It gives user the keen information about how to operate this application.

To open the application;

Click on,
Start >> Programs >> Snehapadma >> Snehapadma CentralStation™ Configurator

Snehapadma CentralStation™ Menu

We need to have basic database into the system initially before running it usefully, such as details about controllers, readers, access groups, areas etc. Here you can configure information about these devices as well as you can add, update and delete these devices from your database.

Snehapadma CentralStation™ Configurator Menu bar consists of Configuration and Reports options.


This option of menu bar allows the user to configure the hardware devices, credentials and employee information. It includes following options;

Quick Configuration: This window allows user to configure doors, controllers, areas, schedules, access groups in quick mode.

Detail Configuration: This option provides the facility to configure all devices, areas, access groups, schedules etc in detailed mode.
HID Vertx Tool Box: This tool is used to let the software communicate to the controllers.

Employee Configuration:  This window allows user to store the employee's information. User can assign credential id to the employee & access group also.

General Configurations:
This window provides door configurations information for Time Office. User will get information whether door is related to time office or not.

Reports :

This option of the menu bar allows the user to view reports for following options;

It displays the credential report for all credentials and expired credentials.
Access Group: This displays access group reports and helps user to sort report using filters for area, date & employees.

Most of the options have control panel as following:

Click on New button to add new entry and click on Add button to save that entry.

Click on Edit button to edit existing entry and click on Save button to save changed information.

Both processes, i.e. adding new entry and editing existing entry can be aborted by clicking on Cancel button.

Click on Delete button if you want to delete selected entry.

Click on Refresh button to reload the entries from database onto form.

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