Snehapadma CentralStation™ Help Manual


Snehapadma CentralStation Software

Snehapadma CentralStation brings to you a unified, real-time, multi-location, central monitoring system for access control and building management. Following are few of its features:

Key features

  • A unified, real-time, multi-locational, central monitoring system for access control and building management.
  • Detect patterns, anomalies.
  • Prevent access to installations on need to know basis.
  • Prevent misuse of credentials by the perpetrators.
  • Inbuilt Time Office software for attendance management.
  • Integrated with add-on Visitor Management Software.
  • Remain top of all these things at all times and at location of your convenience.
Snehapadma CentralStation detailed features;
  • Credential Management
  • Access Management which includes
    • Area Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Access Management
    • Area Monitoring
    • Visitor Management
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Emergency Management

Snehapadma CentralStation System Overview

It explains work flow of system. To understand more, click here.

Snehapadma CentralStationHelp Manual

There are two important parts of the system.
One is the software application and other is Hardware communication to this software.

Software Installation 

This is the first and foremost important part. You need to install Snehapadma Softwares such as;  CentralStation™ Configurator, CentralStation™ Server, CentralStation™ Monitor, TimeOffice™. Follow the link to understand about how to install Snehapadma CentralStation.

Hardware Installation

Install hardware devices such as, HID Controller, Readers. Please click here to know in detail.

Communication with VertX and Edge series of HID

This manual explain in detail about how to communicate with the CentralStationsoftware using all hardwares.
To know in detail, please Click here.

The Applications' Manual

This user manual explains the way to perform operations for following applications provided by Snehapadma Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
CentralStation Configurator System helps to let the software know positioning of controllers, readers, various areas, relations between doors, locks, readers and areas.
CentralStation Server manages credentials, schedules, area controls, and monitoring access, inputs and outputs by directly interacting with the controllers and storing them in database.
Time Office software manages role based access control, employees, departments, shifts, schedules, holidays, business logic and view reports.
CentralStation Monitor application monitors the access, inputs and outputs by reading through database logs.
Visitor Management System allows to get information about visitor by inviter and area which should be accessible to visitor in case invitee is not going to escort visitor.

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